Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:39



A few words to the wise regarding Vitamin D-3. It may be the single most important supplement anyone can take! It acts on approximately 10% of the human genome making its action more like a hormone. It is a powerful anti-carcinogen, and plays a role in dozens of critical bio-functions. Explore the Vitamin D Council's website or spend some time at mercola.com using Dr. Mercola's search engine to get the details.

It one of the most inexpensive of supplements. Based on clinical studies the population of the USA as a whole is generally deficient. No one can tell you whether you need 5,000 units a day or 20,000 units a day. The key is to have your 25 Hydroxy-D levels checked to see where you are and ultimately the results of supplementation. All the new studies clearly show you should strive to be over 50, but below 100 in your test results. I have had an issue with prostate cancer which is now in complete remission. My goal is to be around 90 on my blood test. I have to take at least 15,000 units a day to get up to around 78. It is a very individual thing!

Make it your business to do your own research and then get with your doctor. The good news is more and more of them are coming on board with the importance of D3 levels. Some recommend very small dosages like 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg.. This may be fine but until you have a test you really don't know, and neither does your doctor.

Hope you will heed this heads up!